What is ISO and 6 important ISO

The ISO certification is getting certified of the ISO standard, a series of international standards given by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO)1, an independent and non-governmental international group that shares knowledge and publishes international standards to support the manufacturing industry around the world.

ISO certification or the International Organization for Standardization certificate means that your manufacturing company is approved by the ISO and can provide high-quality goods and services.

This seal of approval includes management systems, manufacturing processes, services, and documentation procedures and helps to build trust between a new customer and an international manufacturer

The ISO has developed over 23,499 international standards, regulating business practices, manufacturing processes, and quality of goods and services. Here are 6 ISO standards an international manufacturer should be aware of and why they are important and highly beneficial to have.

6 ISO standards

1. ISO 9000 – quality management

2. ISO / IEC 27000 – information security management systems

3. ISO 14000 – environmental management

4. ISO 45001 – occupational health & safety

5. ISO / IEC 17025 – laboratory risk assessment

6. ISO 13485 – medical equipment standards & safety



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